Monday, January 05, 2009

Getting NPWP is quite a taxing effort

I was calculating the benefit against cost of having NPWP. Being a student with unsteady job(s) make worry about the hassle of filling a tax return especially if I am abroad.

But Pak Darmin, the director general of tax, is a shrewd economist and he knows how to tilt the incentive. Just like busway make life harder for non-busway user. Now the non-NPWP have to pay higher percentage from salary and property sales as well as, a deal clincher, got to pay 2.5 million if ever going abroad.

Thus I went at final days of sunset policy, turn out to be extended to end of february, to the my area-designated tax office. It was pack with people, one official there told me they got 600+ applicant in one day.

But the system could be improved for sure. They dont have numbers but one must wait to be called to get the NPWP card after submitting the form. So people stand shoulder to shoulder close to the announcer to be able to hear him. It get really hot and exhausting. If they better planned then we could have a seat while waiting for our number to be flashed on the announcement.

Yup, it was quite a taxing endeavour. While the IT system of tax has been improved, the human side still need more work.


johnorford said...

wow that's v interesting.

i don't think getting more ppl signed up is necessarily a really good thing. but it just goes to show you the power of small incentives : )

Berly said...

One thing for sure, the income tax collection will be much higher in 2009.

yup...amazing what few good economists tinkering with policy, base on good economic principle, could lead to.

Rajawali Muda said...

asal jangan kayak ngantri codice fiscale di roma ja bang,nomernya dah ambil tiga kali gak ada satu pun yang keluar di screen, ajegile.. :D

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fajar said...

salam kenal