Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Politician and business

Politician's business is one of the hot issue in this election (nope, I havent get around to write about neo-liberalism...maybe not enough market incentive)

Does politics and business mix well together? They could, but the possible downside is also quite severe.

To forbid businessman to go into politics is as mistaken as to allow politician take advantage of state apparatus for their own private benefit. Some middle path is required.

I took cue to practice in some developed country and proposed a blind trust where a politician's money is invest without him knowing where it is put to avoid conflict of interest.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Neoliberalism and law formulation

Megawati recently made these written statement:

"Kejadian yang dialami oleh Prita merupakan bukti kasat mata, dampak dari neoliberalisme, di mana kekuatan pasar bebas dengan lembaga-lembaga multinasionalnya dapat dengan mudah menggunakan hukum seperti UU 11/2008 tentang Informasi Transaksi Elektronik (ITE)"

Despite much sloganism inside and citicism to it, would Indonesia would be better off if all the legal product is evaluated publicly whether it will benefit corporation more than commom citizen. Even more so if it is done by an independent body with competent people on it.

Let the debate continue.