Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Why Business entered Politics

These days, we bluntly saw political show of Century case on TV. Serial interviews held live so those who were not in the DPR building could follow on what happened with the case. Politicians asked related stakeholders involved in the case in the sense that the show should be watched by adult only. The shows brought politics into your home directly.

Apart from the case, we should see who is behind member of parliament who investigate the case. It was political parties controlled by businessmen or family businessowner who also control financial resources. It is also not surprising that political party needed large amount of financial resources to run and win the election.

Last posting was interesting. It was recommended for businessmen running in politics should divest their wealth in order to avoid conflict of interest. This sound plausible but difficult in practice. How could you let somebody manage your money but you don't know how much the return is?

It is a political system in our country, we must accept that system and it is not necessary bad. Political parties need resources where they could not find it anywhere. So, businessmen walk in political parties are very welcome.

Being in business is a human right and this should not be reduced when someboby is a political appointee. The issue is to avoid conflict of interest, public accountability should be improved. People should be educated for public budget awareness be with media or public education. It might hold every session in DPR live on TV like what DPR did with century.

People also could see whom should be voted in the next election