Friday, December 26, 2008

Could You Purchased Knowledge?

Today I finally put aside the unfinished task to chase discounted books at Gramedia Grand Indonesia. The 35 percent discount is just too much too ignored for a bookworm like me. I arrived a bit after 10 am and finish the shopping before Friday prayers so I managed to beat the crowd.

One things that struck me is how books is a elastic goods. There are certainly more than 35 % increase in people coming (and the amount of purchase they make). More like 5 fold increase, and my friends told me yesterday and tonight is even more packed.

Elastic goods should get more revenue if they reduce price by getting larger sales volume. So why the bookstore doesnt hold sales more often?

Or maybe because this feel like a onetime only so people are more willing to splurge on it? Why there is a massive coordination failure when what is needed is to put a list of books we want to buy with friends, pooled our money and take turn reading the book? Where have all the library gone?

Even more systemic, why govenrment not following the steps of India and China by forcing major book published to print the book locally or buy the copyright (yes, some also just ignore it). Thus. reducing the price significantly.

Some people (like me) still believe that buying books will make them more knowledgable. Bad news, only reading will. So asked me what I learn after I finish the pile of books above, if ever.

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