Thursday, January 15, 2009

Europen Economist on Financial Crisis

Just find out a link to download a complete book for free by strong list of European economists o financial crisis. The authors including Guido Tabellini, William Buiter and Paul de Grauwe.

Highly recommended to anyone interested in non Anglo Saxon point of view. Click here to read in full

The VoxEU website is an excellent portal of column and papers of many top European economist. Ignore at your own perils.


Ujang said...


I suspect the point of view won't be too different from (or as diverse as) the so called Anglo-Saxon view since these top economists talk to each other all the time. Most of them were trained in the US anyways and have some affiliation(or even mainly affiliated with) US top universities that I won't even consider them top European economists - they're just top economists.

An excellent portal, nevertheless.

Berly said...

In a first best and complete information world, I would totally with you.

I am not as-long-as-not-from-anglo-saxon-economist, but not all of the relevant idea for Indonesia from top economist happened to live in Europe are kown by Indonesia's economist.

I put the weblink, you decide :-D

fajar said...

salam kenal