Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New pop-econ: Parentonomics

The popularity of Freakonomics and other pop-econ books (i.e. Undercover Economist, More Sex is Safer Sex, The Economic Naturalist, Common Sense Economics, Naked Economics, and so on) has lead to even more broader application of economic tools in our daily life. I've just recently read that there will be a new book published under this pop-econ genre. The book is Parentonomics

Parentonomics is a book that use game-theory tools to understand and solve problems of taking care of children or being a 'good' parents.   That's what I've surf so far in the blog of the author Joshua Gans - Game Theorist. The book is going to be publish soon. Are you ready to order it?

Some one whispering me, "I believe you need to do census first, to identify how many kaFE's member being married and having kids so the book will be applicable for them". Oh, I guess we can still read this book just to apply it with our nephew though. Doesn't need to have kids first to understand about parenting - especially using economic. Right?

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