Monday, December 17, 2007

kaFE depok on top 100 Indonesia's english blog

Some blogwalking lead admin to Indonesia Matters that came up with top 100 blog composite index from various indicators.

Surprise came when kaFE depok is listed today at rank 30 on the top 100 Indonesia's english blog. After all we are still so young, dealing with specific subject (albeit with all the quasi extensions) and could be more active. There are certainly a lot more worthy blog to rank higher than us.

The honor surely motivate us to climb higher (in term of quality and quantity) and dig deeper into more queries on the multi facet of the economic life. Thanks for all the readers, your visits and comments are always appreciated.


colson said...

Congratulations. A well deserved result.

As a regular visitor I'm sure I will find a lot of fine articles in the future as well.

Rajawali Muda said...


Rajawali Muda said...

bang, last time I check, kafedepok is at 139th, and cafesalemba is at 36th
I guess, the rank kinda evolvin' sense. depends on bookmarkings

Berly said...


Thanks for the well wishing. Please leave more comments and discussions thread on y our visits. As plant, we are drying up without fresh and continuous supply of nourishment.

Rajawali Muda:

The link is at
It is dynamically updated. As I am writing now, we are at 35 while our seniors cafe salemba is at 11.

But what is important is not to constantly look at the chart but to chart our own course with determination.

Martha-Happy said...


udin said...

Congratulation! Keep writing. I enjoy reading your blog, because it is valuable. Really.

fajar said...

salam kenal