Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Ballad of John and Joko

John and Joko live far away from each other, so they use postal services to communicate with each other.

Joko have another friend name Jamal that live closer to him but also communicate by letter. Lately there have been instances where Joko’s package could not deliver to Jamal due to oversize packaging.

John is worry whether the next package to him would be oversize too, so he asks Joko to stop sending him momentarily until there is a checking system (ex: always measures the size before delivery) that ensure size compliance.

Instead of asking another person known and trusted by both John and Joko to verified whether a good checking and compliance system is in place, Joko is furious and threaten to no longer accept package from John until he can send one.

Joko could end up sending none and receiving none.

Fictitious? Silly? Just change Joko to Indonesia, John to EU, package to international flight and size to safety. And you get this story (click here).

In March I already wrote on what to be done (click here). Apparently some people go back and forth without delivering much (click here)

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