Saturday, April 18, 2009

Election conduct and election system

So many interesting things happened during this election, sometime hard to choose which one to focus on.

Should it be the meteoric rise of Democrat Party? or the plot within plot of coalition? or the disenfrachised voter by KPU incompetence?

But they all have been covered rather extensively. and so little coverage has been given to systemic analysis of election system. District system has many advantages that is sorely needed in a large and plural country like Indonesia. Thus I argued (click here)


Arief said...

The most interesting will come in president election is when legislative election there is 30 percent people cannot use they vote.

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treespotter said...

So what's the latest update? or is this blog abandoned?

Berly said...

@Arief: Let keep our finger croess that the voters list will be updated soon

@Treespotter: Sorry for late and sparse update. Will serve serve more post in future

fajar said...

salam hormat