Sunday, March 29, 2009


Have been reading some opinion article on Prabowonomics.

Among them are Teguh Dartanto in Koran Tempo, Bersihar Lubis in Medan Bisnis, Heri in his blog dan Vivanews feature.

Does it really deserve a school of thought by itself?

The strands of policy seems to have emphasis on role of the state and primary sector, with a healthy dose of scepticism to globalisation. Dartanto put forward a thoughful critics of some of its target.

Name-nomics is a good cacthphrase in the time of frenzy campaign. So I am looking forward to read more of SBY-nomics and Megawati-nomics as well as JK-nomics.

It would be interesting to have more debate on economic platform of each party though and less musical campaign.

Even though also quite likely that Indonesian campaign promises are, in Ron Ziegler's immortal argot, "inoperative" on the day after the election.


Hafiz said...

Sounds like Comic-nomics to me.

Rajawali Muda said...

well,prabowonomics, is even hardly a new idea, it's some old lame strategy of stating the obvious.

what really matters is that will it work? what sucks even more is he thinks he is better than anybody else.

Berly said...

he deserve some credit for such attractive and well organized campaign though. Not everything have to be new.

If his party doing well in the legislative election there will be more discussion about this topic.

fajar said...

salam kenal