Friday, July 18, 2008

On competition

From Greg Mankiw's Blog, I couldn't agree more. Competition will benefited to consumers. It also encourage the business to be efficient, to some extent.

When I talked about competition, some people will speak behind me very softly, "Well, you are really do not care with other people business. Competition will kill those people's business".

Anyway, I will speak softly as well and said "I will not be a hypocrite by saying that I do not like cheap price. And I will definitely support any business that could offer me more. The rest is only about my budget and willingness."


Berly said...

There are some studies that analyzed 'The price of nationalism" that link customers willingness to pay higher price to consume the product from his/her own country.

So I'd say the price is complement with the process/label (with differing mix of weight for each person)

fajar said...

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