Thursday, March 22, 2007

Review of Economics Studies European Tour

A couple of months ago, cafe salemba posted an article on the most promising young economist (young guns) in US (link).

In line with that article, review of economics studies already picked seven most promising job market candidate in the world to present the paper in several universities in Europe.

here are a quote from RES website (here)
"The Review of Economic Studies European Meetings have been held annually in May since 1989. Every year, in line with the Review's tradition of encouraging the work of young economists, seven of the most promising graduating doctoral students in economics and finance in the world are selected to present their research to audiences in Europe. The meetings take place at the economics departments or institutes of three or four major universities across Europe. Standard seminar presentations are given over two days to audiences invited by the local hosts and which include members of the journal’s editorial board. "

This year's "very" young guns are:

Although, they are still in the gradute school (mostly will be graduated on July 2007), most of them already published in top economics journal (AER, JPE, etc, ).

Congratulation for them....


Berly said...

Any Indonesian in, say, top 100 of the young guns?

Anonymous said...

lol.. mind you, guys..

speaking in term of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, many promising indonesians out there.. many of them have written in a such magazine, SCIENCE, NATURE, Scientific America.. even some have become assitant professor, before the age of 30..

and, mind you, what do you think about indonesian highschool students who participated in a such competition like physics olympiad, Chemistry olympiad, Math olympiad, and. hey.. no economics olympiad, or am i wrong?.. open your eyes, MIT does interested in one of indonesian SMP student from makassar, who got gold medal in international physics olympiad 2007 in IRAN... aren't they young guns, that will shape a better indonesia?

well, if u guys, just have eyes only on economics and politics... what a pity.. perhaps, one of you guys, should write a little about technology and show a little concern about its development in indonesia..

greeting from an indonesian .. anak ndeso di Albanystr, CA, MA